What is Knox Enterprise FOTA (E-FOTA)?

What are the main features of Knox E-FOTA?

What industries benefit from Knox E-FOTA?

Why do enterprise customers need Knox E-FOTA?

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If I sent a request in JSON for Knox E-FOTA, will I receive a JSON return instead of XML?

Can I use Knox E-FOTA v1 APIs in combination with Knox E-FOTA v2 APIs?

Can carrier devices use Knox E-FOTA?

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Is there a way to avoid incurring mobile charges when using Knox E-FOTA?

What if a firmware update is performed on a device that has a higher firmware version than the update?

How can I get release notes for Samsung firmware releases?

Are there any restrictions on what firmware can be downloaded using Knox E-FOTA?

What are the device requirements for a Knox E-FOTA update?

How can the FOTA server identify devices that use Knox E-FOTA?

Do customers need to have a contract with Samsung to use a site license for Knox E-FOTA?

Does Knox E-FOTA support firmware downgrades?

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With FOTA, can you skip a firmware version and upgrade to the subsequent version?


If I force an Knox E-FOTA firmware update for a scheduled time range, will it finish on time?

How do I request a trial license for Knox E-FOTA?


If I don’t use Knox E-FOTA, what are my options for managing firmware?

When using Knox E-FOTA, what if a device already has a firmware version higher than the version that we need to update to?

When using Knox E-FOTA, does a forced firmware update still ask the device user to agree to the update?

Where can I get release notes for each Samsung firmware version?