Obtain device information

When registering enterprise devices to Knox E-FOTA, you need to obtain the following information:

  • salesCode—The consumer software customization code for the device carrier. Previously called carrierCode in Knox E-FOTA version 1. Format example: "ABC". Max 20 byte string.
  • serialNumber—An 11 digit Samsung device serial number. For example, "R12A34B4CD1". Max 20 byte string.

This section provides a set of instructions to follow to obtain device information prior to registering an enterprise device to Knox E-FOTA.

Obtain device information

In some of our examples, certain API calls require the device's salesCode (Previously called carrierCode in Knox E-FOTA v1) and Samsung serialNumber.

If you're new to developing for Knox E-FOTA, you can use a tool such as Android Debug Bridge (adb) to get the salesCode and serialNumber from a device.

After installing adb, with the device connected by USB, use these commands in a terminal window to get the following device information:

  1. salesCode—Enter adb shell getprop ro.carrierid
  2. serialNumber—Enter adb shell getprop ril.serialnumber. If a device is running Android P (version 9.x) or higher, you may need to use ro.serialno in place of ril.serialnumber.

You can also obtain the current firmware version of devices through the SystemProperties:

For example, in SEP API: SemSystemProperties:

SEP API : SemSystemProperties private static final String VERSION_PDA = ""; // Application Processor (AP) private static final String VERSION_PHONE = "ril.sw_ver"; // Core Processor (CP) private static final String VERSION_CSC = "ril.official_cscver"; // Consumer Software Customization (CSC)

NOTE—Even if the device carries a different carrierCode, the firmware version could be the same. For example, carrierCode "ABC" and "EFG" could share the same firmware version "ABC123456". This is due to the device consisting of multiple Consumer Software Customization (multi-CSC) of various carriers. A CSC is specified from the multi-CSC when a carrier specific SIM card is inserted.