Check Knox E-FOTA license information (Version 2)

Now that you have registered for the Knox E-FOTA service, you should check your development Knox E-FOTA license to see how many devices you can test with and when your development license expires.

This section uses sample PHP code and XML to demonstrate how to get Knox E-FOTA license information.


To check your license info, send an HTTP POST request to this URL:


In the body of the HTTP request, provide the following information:

  • mdmId—This identifies your company among other partners in our KPP program.
  • customerId—This identifies one of your enterprise customers that will use the Knox E-FOTA service.
  • groupID—A device group identified by the enterprise IT admin to separate groups for different firmware updates . Upper case only, for example: "TEST GROUP".
  • license—This tracks customer usage of the Knox E-FOTA service for billing purposes.
    NOTE—While trying Knox E-FOTA, the development key is sent to you by email in the following format: "EFOTA2-fff555-ggg666-hh77". During commercial deployment, this license is purchased.
  • deviceList—Device list of up to 100 devices for each API call. Contains serialNumber.
  • serialNumber—An 11 digit Samsung device serial number. The serial number is information obtained from the device.

You encode this info into REST API calls to the Knox E-FOTA server, and also in the Android API call used to set the allowed firmware version on a device.

For details about each of these elements, see the API reference for Knox E-FOTA v2's abnormalDevicelist.


Here's a sample request to return a list of devices' registration status associated with the mdm ID and customer ID.:



If the API call is successful, the Knox E-FOTA server returns HTTP/1.1 200 OK with these XML elements in the body:

         <abnormalCategoryTitle>Blocked, Insufficient License</abnormalCategoryTitle>
         <abnormalCategoryTitle>Not Enrolled</abnormalCategoryTitle>

For details about each of these elements, see the API reference for Knox E-FOTA v2's abnormalDeviceList.

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