What's new in Knox Deployment Program

Find out what's new in these releases of the Knox Deployment Program REST APIs:

Knox Deployment Gen 2

July 2020

API Update
GET /kcs/v1/rp/profilealias/kme
  • The query parameters resellerId and customerId were moved to the header.
  • A profileId associated with each alias is now returned in the response.
PUT /kcs/v1/rp/devices/upload The ProfileAliasObject was added to the request. This allows you to specify a Knox service for each profile alias name you attach to devices you upload.

June 2020

The KDP APIs have been updated to let resellers automatically assign a KME profile to a device upon upload. Use the new Get KME Profile Aliases API to retrieve a list of all alias names registered in KME for a customer. Then, use the new targetService and profileAliases fields in your Upload Devices request to assign a profile to the registered devices.

New APIs:

Get KME Profile Aliases

GET /kcs/v1/rp/profilealias/kme

Returns a list of KME-specific profile aliases for a customer.

March 2019

The KDP APIs Gen2 reference now includes the List Devices API call which lets you view all registered devices in the KDP Portal.

Knox Deployment Gen 2 Beta

January 2019

In KDP APIs Gen2, the KDP APIs have been restructured to simplify your workflow and enhance API authentication security. The Gen1 static API authentication key X-WSM-API-TOKEN has been replaced with an authentication JSON Web Token called x-knox-apitoken. This token expires every 30 minutes, making it more secure than the Gen1 license key. You can find more about the differences between Generations 1 and 2.

Knox Deployment Gen 1

Late 2017

Initial release of Samsung Knox Deployment Program REST APIs. You can find more about this version in the Knox Reseller API guide.