What's new in Knox Configure

Find out what's new in these releases of the Knox Configure REST APIs:

Knox Configure 1.0

November 2020

The following APIs were updated:

API Updates
POST /kcs/v1/kc/applications/upload
  • The name and description query parameters were added.
  • The file parameter is no longer required.
GET /kcs/v1/kc/profiles/{profileId}/details The qrCodeEnrollment and recommendationId properties were added.
POST /kcs/v1/kc/licenses The object definition of KCLicense has been modified. The expirationDate property was removed.
Various APIs Properties that are returned in epoch time format now have a format of int64. Previously, they had a date-time format.

July 2020

The following APIs were added:

  • POST /kcs/v1/kc/applications

  • GET /kcs/v1/kc/applications

  • DELETE /kcs/v1/kc/applications/{applicationId}

  • POST /kcs/v1/kc/applications/profile

  • POST /kcs/v1/kc/applications/upload

  • POST /kcs/v1/kc/assets

  • GET /kcs/v1/kc/assets/{contentId}

  • PUT /kcs/v1/kc/devices/command

  • GET /kcs/v1/kc/devices/{deviceId}/logs

  • POST /kcs/v1/kc/licenses

  • POST /kcs/v1/kc/licenses/trial

  • POST /kcs/v1/kc/licenses/validation

  • GET /kcs/v1/kc/licenses/{licenseId}

  • DELETE /kcs/v1/kc/profiles

June 2020

KC API version 1.0 introduces Knox Configure APIs that let you read and assign licenses and profiles created in the Knox Configure admin console. You can now also read and manage device information.