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Tutorial — Knox Asset Intelligence

This section describes how to get started with the Knox Asset Intelligence REST APIs.

Sign up for Knox Asset Intelligence

  1. Register for a Samsung Knox account.
  2. Sign in to your account once you’re approved for Knox Asset Intelligence. For additional information, see Access the Knox Asset Intelligence console.

Request access to the Knox API service

Next, apply for Knox Cloud API access. To do so, email with your user and tenant information to request access to the cloud REST service. Once confirmed, you can then access the Knox Cloud API Portal and give sub admins Cloud API permissions by assigning them the proper role.

Admins with the Cloud API permission can generate an authentication token set in the header of the request. To learn more, see the Knox Cloud API integration guide.

Call a Knox Asset Intelligence REST API

Call a Knox Asset Intelligence REST API to ensure that your access token has been correctly configured.

See the Knox Asset Intelligence API reference for a list of APIs you can call.

API restrictions

The Knox API key, also known as the x-knox-apitoken value in the API request header, only supports up to 25 requests per second from the same IP address. Note that if your system uses a public IP address when calling Knox Asset Intelligence APIs, this limit is applied to the public address.

If you need to make more API requests, each admin who generates an access token can make up to 25 requests per second provided they’re calling from different IP addresses.

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