How licenses work

NOTE— As of Knox 3.7.1, a new set of APIs have been introduced for ISVs. Refer to the Independent Software Vendors page for more details.

The license process is as follows:

  1. Get development license—You can generate a development license key through the Knox Partner Portal. For added security, you can bind the key to an app so that only that app can activate the license. The APIs you can call depend on your status in the Knox Partner Program.
  2. Grant key—The Knox Partner Portal provides your license through your personal dashboard.
  3. Declare permissions & activate license—Declare the permissions needed by your app in its AndroidManifest.xml file. In your app, activate your development license by calling the API method KnoxEnterpriseLicenseManager.activateLicense.
  4. Validate license—When your app launches and activates a license, a Samsung license agent on the device communicates with a Samsung license server to authenticate your app and determine the app's permissions. The device needs network connectivity to enable this to happen. Once authenticated, your app can execute the APIs it has permissions for.
  5. Get commercial license—When you are ready to release your app, get a commercial license. If your app uses only the standard APIs, you can generate a KPE Standard license through the Knox Partner Portal. To use the premium APIs, visit to generate a KPE Premium license key. To use the DualDAR (paid) APIs billing needs to be set up. For this you to contact a Knox license reseller to get licenses on your behalf.
  6. Associate your app—You need to register your Commercial license key and associate your app with the Commercial key. Only associated apps can activate Commercial license keys. Refer to the Get a license for more information on getting a Commercial license.

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