Samsung Knox

Samsung Knox brings defense-grade security on the most popular consumer devices to all enterprises. The Knox Platform provides best-in-class hardware-based security, policy management, and compliance capabilities beyond the standard features commonplace in today's mobile device market. The Knox Platform is the cornerstone of a strong mobile security strategy supporting a wide variety of Samsung devices.

Why use Samsung Knox?

The Knox Platform helps you and your enterprise avoid the security gaps common on many mobile platforms. Knox received strong ratings in 25 of 28 categories in Gartner’s December 2017 Mobile OSs and Device Security: A Comparison of Platforms and has received strong ratings for the last three years in a row.

The Knox Platform's security hardening supports every aspect of mobile device operation. The Knox Platform enables trust in your mobile endpoints with advanced features like the evolutionary Knox Vault to the patented Real-Time Kernel Protection (RKP). The Knox Platform ensures IT admins can securely bulk deploy the best mobile device hardware, and quickly integrate with existing business infrastructure and apps.

Key benefits for enterprises

  • Easily meet your organization's security and compliance requirements by providing solid platform integrity, strong data protection, and fine-grained policy enforcement.
  • Seamlessly activate and manage Knox Platform features through an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) system.
  • Flexibly support infrastructure, deployment, and management requirements through centralized remote device control, advanced VPN management, allowing and blocking apps, and granular policies that control all aspects of Samsung devices.
  • Effortlessly upgrade from Android Enterprise, leveraging a comprehensive set of Knox Platform benefits without affecting existing deployments.
  • Securely deploy the innovative Samsung Desktop Experience (DeX) in new work environments, unifying mobile and desktop computing on one device.

The Knox Platform's cutting-edge security technology continues to be widely adopted and proven by numerous government, security, and financial agencies throughout the world. Samsung continually works with global government organizations and international regulatory bodies to meet a wide range of certification requirements designed to protect public safety and consumer privacy.

Knox Platform highlights

The Knox Platform provides a robust set of features to fill security and management gaps, resolve pain points identified by enterprises, and meet the strict requirements of highly regulated industries. Key strengths include the following:

For a quick overview of these features, see Knox White Paper.

Security highlights

The following sections describe how the Knox Platform provides an industry-leading ecosystem of products and services to secure and ease mobile device management.

Manageability highlights

Learn more

This White Paper provides an overview of the Knox Platform's security features and how they can resolve common enterprise mobile deployment pain points. The document focuses on the unique abilities of the Knox Platform. For information about other features, see the Samsung Knox website.