Role setting

This section describes the different roles that can be assigned to Knox E-FOTA Advanced users. By default, each Knox E-FOTA Advanced customer has one IT admin that is assigned all roles. Optionally, you can assign other users 1 or more roles.

A user’s role determines which screens and/or APIs that user can access and which operations they can perform.

NOTE—You can combine capabilities by assigning multiple roles to a user.

E-FOTA Advanced supports the following roles.

Role Description

This role is defined on the service or root domain. It has the following permissions in the domain where it's defined:

  • Create entities.
  • Read entities.
  • Update entities.
  • Delete all entities.
NOTE—If you opt for Knox E-FOTA Advanced Cloud, an IT admin from your business is assigned this role.
NOTE—This role can't perform Tester role actions.

This role has the following permissions:

  • Approve and execute saved campaigns.
  • Edit domains.
  • Block service campaigns.
  • Create, read, update, and delete entities for device groups.
  • Delete all entities.
Content Manager

This role has the permission to manage the following:

  • Firmware
  • Software
  • Devices
  • Labels
  • Device groups
  • Custom settings
  • Client configuration
NOTE—To add the permission to create campaigns, combine this role with the User role.

This role has the following permissions:

  • Manage devices.
  • Upload new firmware and firmware versions with testing status.
  • Manage firmware versions with the following statuses: Testing, Approved or Rejected.
  • Read and create campaigns on firmware versions with a testing status.
  • Delete firmware test campaigns.
  • Approve or reject a version based on the results of the firmware testing campaign.
  • Manage domain settings.

This role has the following permissions:

  • Define a campaign.
  • Manage device groups.

This role has the following permissions:

  • View domain information.
  • Read-only permission for most entities including exported data except billing reports.