Organizing your device fleet

You can organize your device fleet by grouping and labeling your devices. Organizing your fleet allows you to easily find and select the devices you want to deploy OS updates to. By grouping your devices, you can also execute deployments (campaigns) to multiple devices simultaneously. You can even stagger your deployments by category (for example, by region) to minimize business interruptions and reduce support costs.

Define labels

Use labels to group devices so that you can run campaigns on devices of a certain model, location, job type, or other category that you define. You can assign multiple labels to a device or device group.

NOTE—If you plan to register devices manually (individually), define the labels first before registering the devices. If you plan to register your devices by bulk, you can create the labels during the registration process.

To define a label

Use the Labels tab of the Device Management menu to define a new label.

Define device groups

A device group is a predefined filter of devices matching a certain set of criteria, based on a specific device model. Device groups are used for creating campaigns on multiple devices simultaneously.

To define a device group:

Use the Device Groups tab of the Device Management menu to define a new device group.

The device group is available when defining campaigns or installing firmware.