Getting started on using Knox E-FOTA Advanced

This section describes a workflow you can follow to get started on using Knox E-FOTA Advanced Cloud.

  1. Enroll on Knox Portal and create a Samsung account.

    Enroll on Knox Portal with a Samsung account to get access to the Knox Portal Dashboard.

  2. Obtain a license.

    Apply for a trial license or a buy a commercial license from a reseller. You will receive your login credentials when you receive your license.

  3. Register a device.

    Log in to the Knox E-FOTA Advanced portal with your new login credentials and enter your devices' details. You can register your devices individually or by bulk.

  4. Install the client app on the device.

    Install the Knox E-FOTA Advanced client app, which is an agent that connects your device to the Knox E-FOTA Advanced server. When you start the app on a device, that device's registration with Knox E-FOTA Advanced is completed.

  5. Confirm your connection to the server.

    Log in to the Knox E-FOTA Advanced portal to view the devices that have successfully registered. Confirm that the portal correctly reports the actions you perform on each client app.

  6. Execute a campaign update.

    Execute a campaign to deploy an OS update to the devices. You can schedule the update, specify the number of retries allowed in the event of failures, and fine-tune the network-related settings. You can force the update by setting it up as a critical update (that is, the update can be delayed but not rejected) or a silent update (that is, the update will deploy through without user interaction). Finally, view the Dashboard to check the campaign's status and troubleshoot if needed.