Hierarchical domains

Knox E-FOTA Advanced allows you to manage your fleet of devices through the use of domains that you can organize hierarchically. There are three types of domains:

  • Service—Contains all domains in the system.
  • Root—A domain directly under the service domain. When you sign up for the Knox E-FOTA Advanced service, you are assigned a root domain.
  • Subdomain—An entity you can create within your root domain.

All domains, except for the service domain, have a single parent domain.

Hierarchical domain permissions

The root domain manages itself and all its subdomains. In this domain, the admin can perform the following:

  • Add, edit, or disable subdomains.
  • Log in to a subdomain.

NOTE—If you opt for Knox E-FOTA Advanced Cloud, your business manages the root domain.

Data Sharing

Certain resources are shared within a domain tree and some are specific to a domain.

The following are resources shared per domain tree. When you define these in your root domain, they are applied to your subdomains.

  • Device models
  • Labels
  • Domain settings
  • Firmware

The following are resources specific to a domain. When you define these in your root domain, they are not applied to your subdomains. Conversely, you define these in a subdomain, they are not applied to your root domain.

  • Devices
  • Users
  • Device group