VMware Workspace ONE UEM: Configure KPE Premium

Configure KSP

  1. Navigate to:

  2. Search for and Approve the Knox Service Plugin Application.

  3. Choose how you would like to handle new app permission requests and then click Done.

  4. You will now see KSP in your My managed apps page
  5. In the WorkspaceOne console, navigate to: Apps and Books > Applications > Native

  6. Select Public and then Add Application
  7. In the Add Application window, select the platform as “Android” and then the source to “Import from Play”.
  8. Select Next and then Import.

Configure KPE Premium

  1. In the application list, find the Knox Service Plugin and select assign.

  2. Select Add Assignment and select your chosen assignment group.
  3. Set the App Delivery Method to Auto.
  4. Turn on Managed Access.
  5. Select Configure next to Application Configuration.

  6. Enter a profile name of your choice.

  7. Copy and Paste your KPE Premium License Key from your Samsung Knox Portal.

  8. To configure the KPE premium settings, scroll down and select configure against the desired configuration option.

  9. Select Add and then Save.

  10. Select Add.

  11. Select Save and Publish.

  12. Review the list of assigned devices/users and select Publish.