Create Android Enterprise Device Rule

Creating an Android Enterprise Device Rule will enable the enrollment methods Work Profile and Fully Managed,

The steps below illustrate how this is done.

  1. Within the SOTI MobiControl Global Settings, Select Android Plus at the top

  2. Right click on Add Devices and click Create Add Devices Rule

  3. Type a name of your choice and select Next

  4. Choose which devices to target, select Next

  5. Select a device group, select Next

  6. Select how you would like users to authenticate, select Next

  7. Choose whether to enable Terms and Conditions, select Next

  8. Choose which permissions to prompt the user for, select Next

  9. Select Managed Google Play Accounts

  10. Select which account to use in the drop down, select Next

  11. Choose how you would like devices to be named

  12. Choose whether or not to add a plugin

  13. Select Next

  14. Select Finish

  15. Save the Enrollment ID, this will be used by your end users to enroll

  16. Select Close

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