Configure Android Enterprise

  1. Log into the MobiControl console
  2. Click on the 3 horizontal lines

  3. Click on Global Settings

  4. Click on the Spanner Icon in Android Enterprise Bindings

  5. Click “New” then “Managed Enterprise"

  6. Click “OK” to proceed

  7. Click “Get Started” to proceed

  8. Click “OK” to proceed

  9. Here you can see that a new Android Enterprise binding has taken place

  10. Log into the MobiControl console and navigate to Android+

  11. Click on “Rules”

  12. Right click on “Add Devices” then “Create Add Devices Rule”

  13. Enter a name for the Device Rule

  14. Choose a target device group.

  15. If you have more than 1 Android Enterprise binding in MobiControl, select under “Managed Google Play Account” the correct binding

  16. Click Finish button to complete the device rule
  17. Once saved it will give you an EnrollmentID that will be used in device enrollment

  18. You are now ready to start enrolling devices!


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