MobileIron Cloud: Deploy Work Profile

First, you will need to assign your Device Group to the Work Profile configuration.

  1. Within the MobileIron console, navigate to: Configurations and search or Android enterprise: Work Profile.
  2. Select Android enterprise: Work Profile (Android for Work).

  3. Select Edit

  4. Select Next

You will then need to assign this configuration to a device group.

  1. Select Custom

  2. In the Device Group Distribution box, choose your desired Device Group

  3. Review the Distribution Summary

  4. Select Done

Follow these steps for Work Profile Enrollment:

1. Install MobileIron Go from the Google Play Store

2. Open MobileIron Go, enter Your Username and select Next

3. Enter your Password and Select Sign In

4. Select Continue

5. Select OK

6. Select Continue

7. Select CONTINUE

8. Select Confirm

9. Your device is now enrolled