MobileIron Cloud: Deploy Fully Managed Device

First, you will need to assign your Device Group to the Work Managed Device configuration.

  1. Navigate to: Configurations and search for Android enterprise: Work Managed Device (Android for Work).

  2. Select Android enterprise: Work Managed Device (Android for Work).

  3. Select Edit.

  4. Select Next.

You will then need to assign this configuration to your device group.

  1. Select Custom.

  2. In the Device Group Distribution box, choose your desired Device Group.

  3. Review the Distribution Summary.

  4. Select Done.

To enroll your device as an Android Enterprise Company-owned device, you need to ensure the device is factory reset and at the welcome screen. From here, there are 3 ways you can enroll your device into MobileIron Cloud UEM as an Android Enterprise Company-owned device. Use the same ‘Android Enterprise Setting’ configuration but start from a factory reset device.

  • DPC Identifier [Also known as the hashtag method]
  • QR Code Enrollment / NFC Enrollment
  • Knox Mobile Enrollment

Below is a screen-by-screen play to enroll your device using the DPC Identifier method:

1. Tap the Arrow

2. Accept the License Agreement

3. Type: Select Next

4. Install

5. Install

6. Accept & continue

7. Next

8. Scroll down, Accept

9. Enter your Username and select Next

10. Enter your Password and select Sign In




14. Device is now enrolled