MobileIron Cloud: Configure Managed Google Play

In the Configure Android Enterprise section of this document, we completed the majority of the work needed to configure applications to be used for Managed Google Play. MobileIron Core UEM supports the Google iFrame directly within the console. So there is no need to navigate to for managing Google play applications.

  1. Go to Apps > Add > Google Play.
  2. Search for the App you want to distribute. For example: Samsung Email
  3. Click the APPROVE button.
  4. Depending on the app config attributes the app will now automatically start to download and install on the device.

  5. APPROVE the App Permission request
  6. Choose how you would like to handle new app permission requests and then click SAVE
  7. You will now see your app lists in your MobileIron App Catalog

  8. Navigate to the target app via Apps > App Catalog > Click on app > Edit > Scroll to the ‘Android Enterprise’ section .

  9. Select Install this app for Android enterprise. Select other configuration options as needed.

  10. Once completed, Save the config.

  11. Now we have approved an application we would like to distribute in MobileIron Core.

  12. Select the checkbox next to the app

  13. Click Actions.

  14. Click Apply to Label.

  15. Select your target label and then Click Apply.