Configure Android Enterprise

  1. Log into the MobileIron Customer Support Portal.
  2. Go to: Homepage > Bottom of page > (Quick Links) Android Enterprise

  3. Click Create New Android Enterprise Enrollment

  4. Click Begin

  5. Click on submit and make sure that you have signed into the Google Account that you would wish to bind.

  6. Click Get started

  7. Fill out the Contact details page and select Confirm.

  8. Click Complete Registration.

  9. You can then download the ‘ActivateAFWForCore.json file that will uploaded to Core.

  10. Log into the MobileIron UEM console and navigate to Services > Google.

    Here you can bind MobileIron to Android Enterprise using the JSON file created in the last step

  11. Once the JSON file has been selected under ‘Upload your Enterprise Credentials’ and then ‘Connect’ Android Enterprise is bound