Knox Manage: Configure Managed Google Play

In Configure Android Enterprise, we completed the majority of the work needed to configure apps to be used for Managed Google Play. All we have left to do is the following:

  1. In Samsung Knox Manage console, go to Applications > Add > Public > enter an app Name i.e Samsung Email

  2. Select the app you want to distribute, for example, Samsung Email.

  3. Click APPROVE to confirm selection.

  4. Click APPROVE to approve the app permissions requests.

  5. Choose how you would like to handle new app permission requests and click Done.

  6. Now we have approved an application we would like to distribute in Samsung Knox Manage

  7. Select Save & Assign to be able to see the app listed as Google Managed app
  8. Target device = Android Enterprise -> Select Set Configuration under Managed Configuration.

  9. Select the group where user resides -> Assign -> OK