Microsoft Intune: Deploy Fully Managed

  1. Within Microsoft Endpoint Manager, navigate to: Devices > Android > Android enrollment

  2. Select Corporate-owned, fully managed user devices
  3. Make sure Allow users to enroll corporate-owned user devices is set to Yes
  4. If you’re using KME, you can use the Token to simplify the enrollment steps and force the user to enroll into your tenant. Copy and
  5. Paste the below JSON code into Custom JSON Data field in your KME Profile, changing YOUR TOKEN to the Token displayed in your
  6. Corporate Device Enrollment Token. {"":“YOUR TOKEN"}
  7. If you’re not using KME you should provide the QR code shown under Enrollment token to your end users. You will need to print screen this or copy the image and email it to your end users. The QR code should then be scanned on the initial setup screen which is explained in the next slide.

1. Tap anywhere on the screen 7 times and scan the enrollment QR code

2. Next

3. Accept and Continue

4. Next

5. Accept and Continue

6. Sign in with your Office 365 account

7. Install

8. Next

9. Start or Set up

10. Register

11. Done

12. Done

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