Configure Android Enterprise

  1. Log into MaasS360 Console.

  2. Navigate to: Setup > Services > Mobile Device Management.

  3. Click more… next to Mobile Device Management.

  4. Select Enable Android Enterprise Solution Set.

  5. Select Enable via Managed Google Play (no G Suite).

  6. Click here to sign up and enable managed Google Play.

  7. Then Click Enable to Auto Import Approved Apps.

  8. You will then get redirected to a Google Play screen. Click Get started.

  9. Fill out your Business name and Select Next to allow IBM MaaS360 to be your EMM provider.

  10. Note: re-enrolling looks slightly different and there are fewer steps

  11. Click Re-enroll.

  12. Fill out the Contact details page, tick the Managed Google Play agreement page and then select Confirm. These text fields are not mandatory, so you can alternatively leave them blank and just tick the Managed Google Play agreement and then select Confirm.

  13. Click Complete Registration to complete the Android Enterprise configuration and return to IBM MaaS360 Console.

  14. You should now have been redirected back to the IBM MaaS360 console

  15. The Mobile Device Management configuration should now be completed and look similar to the below.

  16. You may check by visiting Setup > Services > Mobile Device Management again.

  17. Your IBM MaaS360 tenant is now configured and ready to deploy Android Enterprise and Knox Platform for Enterprise: Standard Edition.