FAMOC: Deploy Fully Managed with a Work Profile Configuration

  1. Navigate to: ADVANCED > Settings > Fully managed policies

  2. Select Add policy template" />

  3. In the General settings tab, enter a Template name" />

  4. In the Assigned groups tab, select Add user group. Select your target group." />

  5. In the Security options tab, select your desired restrictions" />

  6. In the Work Profile tab, select Enable work profile" />

  7. Once you have configured your policy, select Save" />

  8. Navigate to: USERS

  9. Select the user you wish to enroll

  10. Select the Enroll Device button (mobile phone icon)" />

  11. For Enrollment method, select Fully managed device

  12. Select Apply, this will now email the end user a QR code which will be used for the device enrollment" />

Android Enterprise Fully Managed Device with a Work Profile Deployment

To enroll your device as an Android Enterprise Fully Managed Device with a Work Profile, you need to ensure the device is factory reset and at the welcome screen. From here, there are 3 ways you can enroll your device into FAMOC as an Android Enterprise Fully Managed Device with a Work Profile.

1. DPC Identifier [Also known as the hashtag method] afw#famoc

2. QR Code Enrollment / NFC Enrollment

3. Knox Mobile Enrollment

Below is a screen-by-screen play to enroll your device using the DPC Identifier method.

1. Select the arrow and Accept the EULA, Next" />" />

3. Enter afw#famoc then select Next and INSTALL" />" />" />

6. Accept" />

7. Scan the QR code sent to you by email, Confirm and the Device is now enrolled" />" />" />