Citrix Endpoint Management: Deploy Work Profile on a Company Owned Device Configuration

In order to enroll Work Profile on a Company Owned Device, you should create an enrollment profile.

  1. Within Endpoint Management navigate to: Configure, Enrollment Profiles, select Add

  2. Enter a Enrollment profile name of your choice, select Next

  3. For Management, select Android Enterprise
  4. For Device owner mode, select None - BYOD work profile will automatically turn on
  5. Select Next

  6. For iOS, Application management and User consent are optional, select Next

  7. For Windows, Device Management, User consent and Workspace integration are optional, select Next

  8. Select a Delivery Group and select Save

At the time of writing, custom JSON code needs to be included in a QR Code or a KME Profile in order to enroll into WPC successfully.

To generate such a QR code, follow these steps:

  1. In Endpoint Management, go to Settings cog

  2. Select Android

  3. Select Android Enterprise QR Code

  4. Enter your server details, eg.

  5. Enter your username and password to be used on the device

  6. Select Generate QR Code


To enroll devices in the work profile on corporate-owned devices mode, add "desiredProvisioningMode": "managedProfile“, to the custom JSON under PROVISIONING_ADMIN_EXTRAS_BUNDLE. Select Generate QR Code (again), resulting in:

To enroll your device as an Android Enterprise Work Profile on a Company Owned Device, you need to ensure the device is factory reset and at the welcome screen. From here, there are 2 ways you can enroll your device into Citrix Endpoint Management as an Android Enterprise Work Profile on a Company Owned Device.

1. QR Code Enrollment / NFC Enrollment

2. Knox Mobile Enrollment

Below is a screen-by-screen play to enroll your device using the QR Code method.

Select Start

Scan the QR code just generated and connect to WiFi

Select Next

Getting ready for Work Setup

Creating Work profile

Begin Enrollment

Accept Google Services

Accept the appropriate legal terms and select Next

To check if Work Profile on a Company Owned Device has been successfully set up:

Personal Tab

Work Tab

Device belongs to your organization on lock screen

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