Citrix Endpoint Management: Deploy Fully Managed with a Work Profile Configuration

In order to enroll Fully Managed with a Work Profile, you should create an enrollment profile.

  1. Within Endpoint Management navigate to: Configure, Enrollment Profiles, select Add" />

  2. Enter a Enrollment profile name of your choice, select Next" />

  3. For Management, select Android Enterprise

  4. For Device owner mode, select Fully Managed with Work Profile

  5. Select Next" />

  6. For iOS, Application management and User consent are optional, select Next" />

  7. For Windows, Device Management, User consent and Workspace integration are optional, select Next" />

  8. Select a Delivery Group and select Save" />

To enroll your device as an Android Enterprise Fully Managed with a Work Profile, you need to ensure the device is factory reset and at the welcome screen. From here, there are 3 ways you can enroll your device into Citrix Endoint Management as an Android Enterprise Fully Managed with a Work Profile.

1. DPC Identifier [Also known as the hashtag method] afw#xenmobile

2. QR Code Enrollment / NFC Enrollment

3. Knox Mobile Enrollment

Below is a screen-by-screen play to enroll your device using the DPC Identifier method.

1. Select the arrow

2. Accept the EULA, Next

3. Enter afw#xenmobile then select Next" />" />" />

4. Install" />

5. Install" />

6. Accept & continue" />" />" />

7. Accept

8. Enter your Citrix Endpoint Management server URL

9. Enter your Citrix credentials and select Next" />