Citrix Endpoint Management: Configure Knox Platform for Enterprise using Knox Service Plugin

  1. Within Endpoint Management Console, navigate to: Configure > Apps" />

  2. Select Add, then select Public App Store" />

  3. Enter a Name of your choice" />

  4. Tick only Android Enterprise on the left column

  5. Select Next" />

  6. Search for and Approve the Knox Service Plugin" />

  7. Select Knox Service Plugin

  8. Select Next" />

  9. Select a Delivery Group of your Choice

  10. Select Save" />

To make use of the KSP features you need to create a Device Policy. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Within the console, navigate to: Configure > Device Policies > Add" />

  2. Tick Android Enterprise under Policy Platform and then select Managed Configurations" />

  3. Set the Platform to Android Enterprise and set Application to Knox Service Plugin

  4. Select OK" />

  5. Enter a Policy name of your choice, select Next" />

  6. If you’re using KPE Premium features, enter your Knox Suite License Key

  7. Scroll down to see all the available features, select Add against the features you would like to use.

  8. Once you’re finished, select Next" />

  9. Choose a delivery group

  10. Select Save" />