Blackberry: Configure KPE Premium

To use the paid features in the Knox Platform for Enterprise: Premium Edition:

  1. In the BlackBerry UEM console, go to Policies and profiles > Policy > Activation > Activation Profile > +.

  2. Fill in the information requested and select your allowed activation types:

    • Work space only (Android Enterprise fully managed device)

    • Work and personal - full control (Android Enterprise fully managed device with work profile)

    • Work and personal - user privacy (Android Enterprise with work profile)

  3. Under Android Enterprise options, select When activating Android Enterprise devices, enable premium UEM functionality such as BlackBerry Secure Connect Plus.

Now all you simply need to do is enroll your device by completing the following:

On your device, go to the Google Play Store, download the BlackBerry UEM client, and enroll your device.

1. Install BlackBerry UEM Client from Google Play Store

2. Accept the permission request

3. Allow UEM client to …

4. Enter Credentials

5. Securing communication

6. Click Continue to Set up a Work Profile

7. Creating Work Profile

8. KPE Premium Edition License activation request

9. Tap on Knox license activated notification to upgrade the Work Profile to KPE Premium

10. Work Profile device activated and Work Profile upgraded to KPE Premium