Blackberry: Configure AppConfig

AppConfig (or what Google calls Managed Configuration) enables IT Admins to configure device apps centrally and remotely from a UEM console. The UEM console simply sends your configuration to the Managed Google Play store, which then pushes the configured app to the device.

Only apps that support this AppConfig feature — like Samsung Email and Google Gmail — can be configured remotely this way. The app needs to embed an XML schema of configurable settings, which UEM developers can easily display in a web console iframe.

TIP — You can configure Knox through a similar OEMConfig feature. For details, see Configure Knox Service Plugin.

To use AppConfig on BlackBerry UEM:

  1. In the BlackBerry UEM console, go to AppsApp configuration > +.

  2. Select the app you want to configure, for example, Samsung Email.

  3. Configure the app's Managed Google Play store page and click Add.

  4. Provide a profile name, configure the app settings, and click Save.

  5. Back on the Managed Google Play store page, under App configuration, you can now select a configuration profile for the app.