Configure Android Enterprise

  1. Log into BlackBerry UEM console.

  2. Navigate to: Settings > External Integration > Android Enterprise.

  3. Select ways to configure BlackBerry UEM connection to Google domain and how app configurations are to be sent.

  4. Select Next. This displays a Google Play screen.

  5. Click SIGN IN to sign in with a Gmail Account.

  6. Fill out your Business name and select Next to allow BlackBerry UEM to be your EMM provider.

  7. Fill out the Contact details page, select the Managed Google Play agreement page, and click Confirm. These fields are optional, so you can alternatively leave them blank, just select the Managed Google Play agreement, and click Confirm.

  8. Click Complete Registration. This displays the message, “The signup has completed….”

  9. In the BlackBerry UEM console, select Settings > External Integration > Android Enterprise.

  10. Click to accept the permissions set for some or all the following apps: Google Chrome, BlackBerry Connectivity, BlackBerry Hub+ Services, BlackBerry Hub, BlackBerry Calendar, Contacts by BlackBerry, Notes by BlackBerry and Tasks by BlackBerry.

Android Enterprise is now fully configured.