Get started with UAT

If you are an existing customer with active Samsung Knox account, you will need to register once again for UAT as it is a separate isolated environment. Ensure to use the same email addressed you have used in the production environment to register for UAT, so that your account approval can be expedited.

UAT environment can be distinguished by its URL which will always include uat in the URL path (for example,

Once you register for the Knox UAT environment, you can continue to access even after the production release. You will not have to register again for the next UAT period and can continue to test with the enrolled devices in UAT.

Create your Knox account for UAT

  1. Go to
  2. Follow the same set of instructions in Enroll in the Samsung Knox portal — ensure to use the same email address you have used for the production instance so that your approval for Knox cloud services can be expedited
  3. Wait for the approval from the Samsung team — you will be notified via email once your account is approved and ready to be used

Manage your license

When you register for UAT Knox Admin Portal, a trial Knox Suite license key is automatically generated. If you want to generate the trial license keys for any individual Knox solutions, you can generate them from their respective admin console. Note that the trial license key for UAT:

  • Has maximum of 10 seats
  • Is valid for 1 year (12 months)
  • Can't be used in the production environment of Knox cloud services (UAT license key also cannot be used in the production environment)

Check your license

After your trial license key is automatically generated, please verify that your trial license is properly applied:

  • Open the Knox Admin Portal, go to Licenses and confirm that the new Knox Suite trial license has been added to the list.

For more help with administering your licenses, see Manage Knox licenses in the Knox Admin Portal documentation.

Upload your devices

You can upload your device using one of three methods:

  1. (Preferred) You can simply raise a ticket to have us upload the devices for you — just provide us the device IMEIs or serial number. Please follow the regular process of submitting support tickets. Ensure to include [UAT] in the ticket subject/title.
  2. If your Knox cloud solution supports it (for example, Knox E-FOTA, Knox Asset Intelligence), you can directly upload a CSV file of the device IMEIs from the Knox Admin Portal.
  3. Using Knox Deployment Program — you can register as a device reseller to get access to the Reseller Portal and upload devices to your customer account at Note that to register as a device reseller, you will need to use an email address different from your customer account registered for Knox services (for example, your-id+reseller@domain).

Please note that your device should be:

  • A supported device running an appropriate Knox version.
  • Running on Android 13 or higher

    • Knox Manage, Knox E-FOTA, and Knox Asset Intelligence can be used regardless of the Android version if you install the client manually
  • Not currently registered and in use in a production environment
  • Galaxy S23 or newer (preloaded with Android 13) to be used for Knox Guard

Enroll your devices to UAT client

Once the client is enrolled successfully, it will be updated automatically when a new client is ready for the next release depending on each service's client update policy. Please note that:

  • For OOBE client enrolment, the device should be running on Android 13
  • Play store download is not supported
  • If the device is registered in UAT, UAT client will be downloaded. Similarly, if the device is registered in Production, Production client will be enrolled. As such, ensure that your device is not registered in Production to be enrolled in UAT

OOBE enrollment

If you set-up OOBE enrollment, the client is automatically installed during the enrollment.

  • Knox Manage — During fully managed enrollment, afw@knoxmanagealpha needs to be inserted on Google Account setup screen to download the Knox Manage UAT client.

Manual enrollment

You can download the UAT client from CDN and install it manually. Knox Manage, Knox E-FOTA, and Knox Asset Intelligence supports manual client enrollment.