Step 3: Sign in as a super admin

Now that you have created your Samsung Account, navigate back to the Samsung Knox homepage. Then, follow these steps to sign in:

NOTE - If SSO is set up for your Samsung Knox tenant, any attempts to sign in using Samsung Account will fail with an error message.
  1. In the top right corner of, hover over Sign in, then click Sign in with SSO.
  2. On the Sign in with SSO page, enter your email or domain name, then click SIGN IN.
  3. Enter your SSO user ID and click Next.
  4. Enter your SSO password, then click Sign in.

After sign in, you'll be redirected to your Knox dashboard to launch your subscribed services. Currently, you can launch Knox Configure, Knox Mobile Enrollment, Knox E-FOTA, and/or Samsung Care+ for Business through SSO.

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