Knox Suite

Knox Suite is a bundled offering of Knox solutions for enterprise mobility designed to address organizations' needs related to security and management throughout the entire device lifecycle.

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This document is intended for IT Admins. Understand what's included in Knox Suite and how you can use it to manage, secure, and maintain enterprise devices. Learn where to find information on how to perform various tasks with Knox Suite services.

About Knox Suite

Knox Suite is a bundled offering that includes the following Knox products:

  • Knox Platform for Enterprise—A Knox solution that provides military-grade security to Samsung Android phones, tablets, and Tizen watches for business.
  • Knox Mobile Enrollment—A Knox solution that allows you to enroll thousands of Samsung devices to your enterprise at once. When end users turn on their devices and connect to the network, they are automatically enrolled to your enterprise mobility management (EMM) provider.
  • Knox Manage—A Knox solution that allows you to remotely manage your fleet of mobile devices. With this EMM, you create various policies to control how users can use their devices.
  • Knox Asset Intelligence — A data analytics solution that offers operational visibility and actionable insights to improve the management, productivity, and lifecycle of mobile devices. This solution offers real-time monitoring and management of app performance, battery usage, network connectivity, and asset location.
  • Knox E-FOTA—A Knox solution that allows you to remotely deploy OS and security updates to your devices without requiring user interaction. With Knox E-FOTA, you create a campaign, specify the campaign period, assign devices to that campaign, and select the firmware update to be pushed to those devices during the campaign period.

With Knox Suite, a single license key allows you to use all included Knox products on your devices. This means that you can use the same Knox Suite license key in multiple Knox service admin portals.

Benefits of Knox Suite

  1. All-in-one Knox B2B package—An end-to-end solution that covers every step of your enterprise mobility journey

  2. Simplified license management—You only need one license key to use all included products.

  3. Streamlined onboarding process—Register once and gain access to all included Knox products.

  4. Seamless IT admin user experience—IT admin can easily access bundled Knox consoles through single sign-on.

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