This section describes where you can find instructions on how to perform tasks using the different products included in Knox Suite.

General documentation for the Knox Suite services

Knox service See
Knox Manage Knox Manage Admin Guide
Knox Platform for Enterprise

Knox Platform for Enterprise Admin Guide

Knox Mobile Enrollment Knox Mobile Enrollment Admin Guide
Knox E-FOTA One Knox E-FOTA One Admin Guide

Knox Suite operations

For information on See Knox service
How to set up Knox Manage with Knox Suite Workflow: Set up Knox Manage with a Knox Suite license Knox Manage
How to check your Knox Suite license usage

View and modify a license

NOTE—Alternatively, you can log in to your dashboard and click Licenses to view all licenses you have for all your Knox services.

Knox Manage
How to upgrade your license key from Knox Manage to Knox Suite Upgrade a license Knox Manage
How to configure premium Knox features

NOTE—Policies with a in the Knox Manage admin portal are Knox premium features. These features require a Knox Suite license key.

Knox Manage

How to approve the Knox Service Plugin (KSP) app

Knox Manage