Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  • Q: Is Knox Suite a new solution?

    A: No, Knox Suite is a bundled offering that includes Knox Manage, Knox Platform for Enterprise, Knox Mobile Enrollment, and Knox E-FOTA. You only need to purchase one license key to use all products included in Knox Suite.

  • Q: I am already a Knox customer. Can I upgrade to Knox Suite?

    A: Yes.

    • Knox Manage customers—You must purchase Knox Suite and replace the existing Knox Manage license key with a new Knox Suite license key within your Knox Manage tenant.
    • Knox E-FOTA customers—If you're using Knox E-FOTA Advanced or Knox E-FOTA on MDM, you must migrate your devices to Knox E-FOTA One, which is the E-FOTA edition included in Knox Suite.
  • Q: What are the minimum operating system requirements to use Knox Suite?

    A: The OS requirements of the individual products included in Knox Suite generally apply when these products are used as part of Knox Suite. However, Knox Manage (for use with a Knox Suite license key) requires the Android Enterprise mode, and devices must have Android N or later.


  • Q: How can I manage a license key for all Knox Suite products? If I enroll a device to both Knox Manage and Knox E-FOTA, how many license seats are consumed?

    A: The same Knox Suite license key can be used in both Knox Manage and Knox E-FOTA One admin portals. If an IT admin registers the same key and enrolls a device with the same IMEI in both portals, only one license seat is consumed. Two license seats are consumed if the IT admin enrolls two different devices in each portal.

    Example: Device A (IMEI: A123B456), Device B (IMEI: T098Y432), Knox Suite license key C (100 seats)

    • The IT admin enrolls Device A in both Knox Manage and Knox E-FOTA admin portals using license C. License C will have 99 remaining seats.
    • The IT admin enrolls Device A in Knox Manage and Device B in Knox E-FOTA using license C. License C will have 98 remaining seats.
  • Q: How can I view the license usage and expiration of each product?

    A: Your license usage and expiration status are available in the Knox Manage admin portal. See View and modify a license

  • Q: How can I upgrade enrolled Knox Manage devices to a Knox Suite license key?

    A: If the devices are registered with Android Legacy mode, you must change the enrollment type and policy to Android Enterprise because Knox Suite only supports the Android Enterprise enrollment mode.

    If the devices are enrolled as Android Enterprise devices, you can upgrade to the Knox Suite license key by changing the user or organization type to Knox Suite. You can do this type change in the User and Organization menu. Alternatively, you can select a target user or organization to upgrade when you register a new Knox Suite key in the Knox Manage admin portal.

  • Q: What happens to devices when a license expires?

    A: The policies configured on the tenant and deployed to the devices will remain active. Policies can’t be changed or removed until you extend an expired license or enter a new valid license. With an expired license, you can only unenroll devices and update the license. Both Knox Suite and Knox Manage license keys will behave in the same way.

    For example, devices enrolled with a Knox Suite license will have the Expired status when the Knox Suite license expires even if there are available seats in Knox Manage license.