Apply for access to Knox Suite

Once you have a Samsung account, you can proceed to request access to Knox Suite.

  1. Sign in to your dashboard if you're not already signed in.
  2. In the upper-right corner, click Try Knox Suite.

  3. Read and acknowledge the Knox Suite agreements, and click Submit.

    A confirmation message appears. Activation of the services included in Knox Suite can take several days. 

  4. When you receive an email notification that your Knox Manage application has been approved, perform the following steps to complete the registration process:
    1. Sign in to your dashboard using your Samsung account.

    2. Click Complete Registration on the Knox Manage card.

    3. Complete the registration form—select your region and create a password.

      If your organization is already signed up for Knox services, you get an error stating your organization domain is already in use.

      In this case, enter a unique prefix in the field before your organization's domain. Together, your prefix and organization domain make up your tenant domain.

    4. Read and acknowledge the Knox Manage EULA and Samsung Knox Privacy Policy.

    5. Click Complete registration.

    You are now registered for Knox Suite.

    NOTE—A trial Knox Suite license key is automatically generated when you apply for access to Knox Suite. You can find this in the Licenses tab of your dashboard. You can also view the Knox Suite license key in the Knox Manage admin portal.

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