These instructions provide an overview of how to install KSP with the following UEM. Always check your UEM's specific documentation for the most up to date instructions.

Step 3: MobileIron Cloud - Deploy

This section provides instructions on how to deploy KSP policies in MobileIron Cloud.

This is step 3/3. For step 2: See MobileIron Cloud: Configure Policies

Distribute KSP

To distribute KSP using the MobileIron Cloud, do as follows:

  1. On the MobileIron Cloud's top navigation menu, click Apps. The App Catalog opens.
  2. Deploy KSP - MobileIron Cloud App Catalog - List of Apps

  3. In the search field, enter Knox Service Plugin. The page refreshes to show KSP in the list of search results.
  4. Deploy KSP - MobileIron Cloud App Catalog - Search results

  5. In the search results, click Knox Service Plugin. The KSP details page opens.
  6. Deploy KSP - MobileIron Cloud App Catalog - KSP Details page

  7. Click the Distribution tab. The KSP app distribution settings page opens.
  8. Deploy KSP - MobileIron Cloud App Catalog - App Distribution page

  9. Click Edit to enable the controls on this page.
  10. Select the appropriate option from the following:
    • Everyone to allow all users of managed devices to download and install KSP on their devices.
    • No one to stop users from installing KSP immediately, and just stage KSP for deployment to devices at a later date.
    • Custom to restrict access to KSP to a specific group of users and user groups.
  11. If you selected Custom, the page refreshes to show the Select below to distribute this app section. Use the tabs and check-boxes to create a list of users and user groups to which you want to distribute KSP and then continue to the next step. Optionally, you can also add new distribution filters. For more information about adding new distribution filters, see MobileIron Cloud help > Configuring the distribution filters.
  12. Click Save. Your changes are saved and the KSP details page opens again.