These instructions provide an overview of how to install KSP with the following UEM. Always check your UEM's specific documentation for the most up to date instructions.

Step 2: MobileIron Cloud - Configure

This section provides instructions on configuring the KSP agent in MobileIron.

This is step 2/3. For step 1: See MobileIron Cloud: Add to UEM console

Set up KSP in the App Catalog

To continue adding KSP into the App Catalog you must choose some settings for the KSP agent. To do this, complete the following 3 steps.

  1. Delegate
  2. Distribute
  3. Configure


You can use the Delegate app page to define whether KSP should be automatically assigned to and inherited by newly created spaces in your app categories. Select a delegation that suits your organization and deployment needs.

MobileIron Cloud App Catalog - Knox Service Plugin - Delegate App page


The Distribute App page lets you set up app distribution rules and filters that specify how and when apps are deployed to devices.

To setup distribution rules and filters, do as follows: 

  1. On the Delegate App page, click Next. The Distribute App page opens.
  2. MobileIron Cloud App Catalog - Knox Service Plugin - Distribute App page

  3. Choose one of the following options that best suits your organizations needs. For more information about adding new distribution filters, see MobileIron Cloud help > Configuring the distribution filters 

Click Next. The Configure App page opens.


The Configure App page lets you specify App configurations to match your deployment needs.

To set App Configuration preferences, do as follows:

  1. On the Distribute App page, click Next. The Configure App page opens.
  2. MobileIron Cloud App Catalog - Knox Service Plugin - Configure App page

  3. Depending upon your IT security needs, click + next to the appropriate heading to edit the policy.
  4. When you have finished editing App Configurations, click Done. KSP is now added to the list of approved packages for your managed device users.

App Configuration options

The following options are available from the Configure App page:

  • Managed Configurations: These options are driven by the features that are available for your managed devices and the KPE licenses applicable to those devices. For a detailed discussion of KSP features available to various KPE licenses, see KSP Features.
  • MobileIron Cloud App Catalog - Knox Service Plugin - Managed Configurations

  • Install Application Configuration Settings: You can use these settings to specify whether device users must install KSP on their managed devices. We recommend making the installation of this app mandatory and to select Silently install on Samsung Knox and Zebra devices.

    MobileIron Cloud App Catalog - Knox Service Plugin - Installation Configuration settings - mandatory installation options

  • Google Play Release settings: Use the settings on the Google Play Release settings page to select the version of the app you want to deploy to your managed devices. We recommend you select the Production version that is available to all users in the Google Play Store. If you are going to select an alpha or beta version, make sure you test the deployment with a small set of devices before rolling it out to your entire organization.
  • MobileIron Cloud App Catalog - Knox Service Plugin - Google Play Configuration settings

Next steps - deploy KSP to devices

Now that you've set up and configured KSP in your MobileIron console, you need to deploy the app to your managed devices.