These instructions describe setting up the Intune UEM environment and device hardware key configuration for Teams Walkie Talkie support. Always check your UEM's specific documentation for the most up to date instructions.

Microsoft Intune - Key mapping for Teams

Walkie talkie mode is a push-to-talk experience in Teams enabling cloud-based communications over Wi-Fi or cellular, effectively enabling any smartphone to function as a walkie talkie.

This experience is especially effortless on the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro, a new ruggedized phone purpose-built for firstline workers, and a single device for all communication and collaboration needs on a secure platform.

Building on an existing partnership between Microsoft and Samsung to deliver a unified experiences across mobile devices, Microsoft is the first partner to leverage the XCover Pro's push-to-talk feature, through an integration with Microsoft Teams that provides direct access to Teams new walkie talkie capability from a programmable key on the side of the device.

Using a dedicated push-to-talk button, Microsoft Teams' new walkie talkie feature comes to life on the Galaxy XCover Pro. Just press the dedicated push-to-talk button and start talking. The functionality even works when the device is locked.

For more information about the new Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro, go to:

Before you begin

Before you begin ensure you have:

  1. A KPE Premium license key. For more information, go to: KPE Support.
  2. Access to the Microsoft Intune console in the Microsoft Azure portal.
  3. Linked your Microsoft Intune console with a Managed Google Account. Linking to a Managed Google Account lets you deploy apps and policy changes to Android Enterprise devices.
  4. Enrolled eligible devices and applied enterprise policies.
  5. Deployed devices from the Intune UEM console. For more information, go to: Deploy Intune.

For more information on logging in to and setting up Intune, see Microsoft Intune documentation.

Set the Microsoft Teams key mapping configuration

NOTE – Only the Android Enterprise Device Owner (DO) deployment mode is currently supported for the Microsoft Teams PTT experience using KSP.
  1. Navigate to the Intune UEM console.
  2. Configure the console for MS Teams button enablement.
  1. Enter the Profile Name and KPE Premium License Key within the first page of the KSP Configuration schema.

  1. Configure Device-wide policies (Device Owner).

  1. Set the Enable device policy controls to True.

  1. Configure Device Key Mapping (Premium).

  1. Set the following Device Key Mapping parameters:

  • Set the Enable Key Mapping Controls to True
  • Set Enable PTT Key Mapping for Microsoft Teams to True
  • Set Enable Key Mapping to Launch & Exit applications (Configure profiles below) to False
  1. Select OK and Create.
  1. Once saved, assign the configuration to your group. Save again once the console configuration is complete.

Device configuration

Ensure target devices are appropriately enrolled and deployed with the latest Microsoft Teams app supporting the walkie talkie module.

NOTE – Only the Android Enterprise Device Owner (DO) deployment mode is currently supported for the Microsoft Teams PTT experience using KSP. Once powered on, the device will attempt to activate a Knox license during device provisioning. The device user must select Agree when prompted by a pop up message. Policies are applied once the user agrees to activating the license

Complete the following device-side actions from the MS Teams app:

  1. Log in with the appropriate credentials.
  2. After a few minutes, the Teams app will sync and the Walkie Talkie option will appear in the device's menu options near the bottom of the screen.

  1. Select Walkie Talkie.
  2. Select a communications channel from upper left hand side the screen.
  3. Select Connect to join the selected Walkie Talkie channel.
  4. Press and hold the push-to-talk button to start instantly communicating with the participants on the channel. Unlike traditional radios, the device user can now see who is connected to walkie talkie on the selected channel