These instructions provide an overview of how to install KSP with the following UEM. Always check your UEM's specific documentation for the most up to date instructions.

Step 3: Microsoft Intune - Deploy

This section provides instructions on how to deploy KSP policies to your devices using the Intune console.

This is step 3/3. For step 2, see Microsoft Intune: Configure Policies.

Deploy KSP

Now that you have edited your KSP configurations, you can deploy the device configuration policy to your managed devices. To deploy policies to devices, do as follows:

  1. On the Intune homepage, on the middle navigation menu, click Device configuration > Profiles.
  2. In the list of profiles in the right pane, click the policy you want to deploy. The device configuration profile page opens.

  3. On the middle navigation menu, click Assignments. The Assignments page opens.

  4. On the right pane, click Include, and then in the Assign to list, select the appropriate device group.
  5. NoteTo restrict specific devices and users from receiving the configuration policy, click Exclude, and then select the appropriate value in the Select groups to exclude list. Continue to the next step.
  6. After you've assigned or excluded all appropriate groups, click Save. Depending upon your sync schedule and individual device settings, the device configuration profile is deployed to the devices.

For more information on syncing devices, see Sync devices to get the latest policies and actions with Intune. For more information on monitoring the status of your device profiles, see Monitor device profiles in Microsoft Intune.