These instructions provide an overview of how to install KSP with the following UEM. Always check your UEM's specific documentation for the most up to date instructions.

3. IBM Maas360: Deploy

This section provides instructions on how to deploy KSP policies in MaaS360.

This is step 3/3. For step 2: See IBM Maas360: Configure Policies

Deploy KSP

To deploy KSP using the MaaS360 portal, do as follows:

  1. On the MaaS360 portal's top navigation menu, click Apps. The App Catalog opens.
  2. Deploy KSP - IBM MaaS360 App Catalog - List of Apps

  3. In the list of apps, click Knox Service Plugin. The KSP app page opens.
  4. Deploy KSP - IBM MaaS360 App Catalog - KSP Page

  5. On the set of buttons to the right of KSP app page, click Distribute. The Distribute App: Knox Service Plugin dialog opens. Select the distribution option that best suits your deployment.
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