These instructions provide an overview of how to install KSP. However, always check your UEM's specific documentation for the most up to date instructions.

Step 2: Citrix: Configure Policies

This section provides instructions on how to configure KSP policies in Citrix Endpoint Management.

This is step 2/3. For step 1: See Citrix: Add to UEM console

Edit KSP policies

Now that you have added KSP as an approved app you can edit the App Configurations to enable or disable policies.

  1. On the top navigation bar, click Configure.
  2. On the sub navigation, click Device Policies.

  3. Under the Device Policies header, click Add.
  4. In the Policy Platform navigation, select Android Enterprise.
  5. Under Add a New Policy > Security, select Android Enterprise Managed Configurations.
  6. In the Select application ID dialog, choose Knox Service Plugin. Click OK.

  7. Insert a policy name and description. Click Next.
  8. You can now choose the KSP policies for your deployment. For example in the following screenshot, the Device-wide Policies (Device Owner) section is expanded. For full information about the various KPE features and policies currently available with KSP, see KSP features and KPE functionality.

Next steps - deploy KSP to devices

Now that you've set up and configured KSP in your Citrix console, you need to deploy the app to your managed devices.

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