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Step 2: Blackberry: Configure policies

This topic provides instructions on how to configure KSP policies in the Blackberry UEM.

This is step 2/3. For step 1, go to: Blackberry UEM - Add to UEM console.

Edit KSP policies

  1. Select Apps from within the Blackberry UEM console.
  2. Enter Knox within the search box. Once located, the KSP app is listed.

  1. Select the KSP app, then select + to create the new app configuration profile.

  1. Enter the Name and Profile Name for the new app configuration profile.
  2. KSP utilizes both Standard and Premium features. To use Premium features/policy in KSP, a Premium Knox license needs to be activated for the device. A Knox Premium license requires activation for the device. There are 2 ways to activate:
  1. Enable the Premium features in the UEM Activation profile -> Android Enterprise Options -> When activating Android Enterprise devices, enable premium UEM functionality such as BlackBerry Secure Connect Plus.

In this case, you can leave the blank for ‘KPE Premium License key’ to use KSP’s Premium features.

  1. Add a KME premium license in the app configuration.
NOTE—This method is typically not required and not used for most of Blackberry customers who have a Blackberry enterprise license.
  1. Configure the IT policies in the KSP app configuration. Navigate the KSP configuration screen by scrolling the screen up or down as needed.

  1. Select Save after the IT policy selections are completed.
  2. Once saved, return to the KSP app screen. Save again for additional app configurations associated with the KSP app.

  1. Repeat step 3 as needed for additional app configurations.

Next steps - Configure KSP

Now that you've set up and configured KSP in your Blackberry UEM console, you need to deploy the app to your managed devices.