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Step 3: Blackberry: Deploy

This section provides instructions on how to deploy KSP policies in the Blackberry UEM.

This is step 3/3. For step 2, go to: Blackberry: Configure policies

Deploy KSP

  1. Navigate to the account where the KSP app is to be deployed.

  1. Click + within the Apps table.

  1. Type Knox Service in the search box. Select the KSP app and click Next.

  1. Select Required as the Disposition if the KSP app is required to be installed automatically. If Optional is selected, then you need to manually install KSP in managed play store.

  1. Select the app configuration profile created in Step 2: Blackberry: Configure policies. Click the Assign button.

Once Assign is selected, the managed devices install the KSP app, start, and apply the Knox profile automatically.

  1. The Blackberry UEM administrator can now confirm the results of the KSP app deployment and the Knox policies applied.

  1. If the UEM administrator wants to change the Knox policies on the device with KSP, then the app configuration profile must be changed. Go to Apps, search for KSP app and click it.

  1. Select the deployed app configuration profile to be changed.

  1. Change the Knox policies as needed and click the Save button. The app configuration profile is successfully changed.
  2. Once returned to KSP app screen, click Save to save updated app configuration profile with the KSP app.

  1. As soon as the updated configuration profile is saved with KSP, the device automatically applies the policies in the KSP app. For additional information on using Blackberry, go to: Blackberry’s documentation.







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