Hardware key re-mapping

Refer to this section to integrate a hardware key re-mapping configuration using the Samsung Knox SDK.

PTT key re-mapping considerations

If a PTT app vendor decides to use an intent defined by Samsung, an IT Admin can either leave the intent pre-populated, or enter an intent as provided by their PTT app vendor.

List a generic intent to a PTT vendor app

Vendors can also use the following intents for PTT key press and release actions:

  • For key press ->
  • For key release ->

The following optional timestamp can also be considered:

  • Extra -> (with type long which will hold the Epoch timestamp of the event)

Secure PTT intents

The Samsung Knox team recommends registering an intent in manifest statically so KSP can wake the app if in a stopped state. Consider the following:




android:exported="true" >


<action android:name="" />

<action android:name=""/>



Optional Security: To ensure a PTT vendor app is listening to intent actions only from KSP, an app can add the above permission in the receiver, which is platform signature protected.