Before you begin

If you haven't yet, review the minimum requirements for the Knox Platform for Enterprise.

Sign up for the Knox portal

Knox licenses are managed from your Samsung Knox portal account. Your Knox portal account provides access to various Knox tools through the My Knox page. This includes Knox license key validation, the Knox Bluetooth & USB Smart Card client, the Android VPN client for Knox and more. Your account also allows you to manage your license keys and create support tickets if you are having issues with a product.

If you haven't yet, sign up for a Knox Portal account.

Get a Knox license

A Knox license is needed to activate Knox Platform for Enterprise on a device. Samsung's web-based Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE) system manages the entire lifecycle of Knox licenses including ordering, license generation, activation tracking, validation, and quantity checking. Starting July 1, 2021, Samsung provides you with Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE) Premium — also known as Commercial — licenses at no cost.

NOTE—Other Knox solutions such as Knox Dual Data-At-Rest (DualDAR) and Knox Universal Credential Management (UCM) are not affected by this policy change: they continue to be paid solutions.

See Knox licenses for information on how to obtain and activate a Knox license.

Allow firewall access

You must ensure your enterprise devices have access to Samsung Knox servers. When you activate Knox services, your devices will verify their license keys and exchange data with the Knox servers. Devices periodically check their licenses a few times a week.

If your enterprise is behind a firewall, you must add our Knox servers to your firewall's allowlist. For details, see How do I allow Knox services to contact Samsung servers?

Set up your UEM

Enterprises manage Samsung Knox devices through a Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) system, also known as an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) or a Mobile Device Management (MDM) system.

Through a UEM system, you can set up the following:

  • Android Enterprise
  • Managed Google Play
  • AppConfig, to configure app settings centrally
  • Knox Platform for Enterprise, both standard and premium features
  • Knox Service Plugin, for zero-day access to new Knox features

To get started setting up Knox in UEM systems, see Knox in UEMs.