Exporting a contact from the Work profile to the Personal profile causes phone number type metadata to be incorrectly tagged as "Phone"


  • Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE)
  • Android 9, Android 10


You may experience an issue where contacts exported from the Work profile to the Personal profile have mislabeled phone number type tags. When exported from the Work profile, a contact's phone number tagged with a value such as "Mobile" or "Work" appears as "Phone" in the Personal profile. 

You can reproduce the issue through the following steps: 

  1. In the Work profile, create a contact in the badged Contacts app.
  2. Create the contact with a different phone type tag (e.g. 'Mobile' or 'Home fax').
  3. Navigate to Settings Work profile Notifications and data > Contacts and Calendar.
  4. Under Export data to Personal, enable Contacts.

From the unbadged Contacts app in your Personal profile, you can observe that the phone number types associated with the imported contact appear as 'Phone'.


This is a known issue. Some metadata is lost during the export process, causing contact phone numbers to be incorrectly tagged with "Phone".


The Knox team has identified a fix, scheduled to be released in Contacts