"Workspace License Expired" error appears without any change to the UEM, Knox Workspace/Android Enterprise profile type, or license key


  • Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE)
  • Android Enterprise (AE) Device Owner (DO) mode with a Knox License Management (KLM) and Enterprise License Management (ELM) key activated
  • No changes to the UEM, Knox Workspace/Android Enterprise (AE) profile type, or license key on the device


Some users are encountering an issue where their device is locked with a "Workspace License Expired" error. User actions are limited to powering the device on and off or factory resetting it.


When a device is enrolled into a UEM, a KLM key and ELM key are activated for AE DO Premium deployments. This license activation process creates an association between the device and the license key, granting the device a specific set of permissions. The KLM key grants Knox Premium permissions for creating a fully-managed device.

Periodic checks are made between the device and Knox license server to verify that its assigned seat is still in use. If the device does not check in to the server for 180 days or more, its seat is automatically released and all permissions previously granted to the device are revoked. 

After the automatic seat release is triggered, the device is flagged as 'deactivated' in the Knox server. If it is then rebooted, a server check attempts to validate the KLM and ELM license keys associated with the device. However, due to a network timing issue, these validation processes are out-of-sync. As a result, the device is given Knox standard permissions rather than Knox Premium permissions, which locks the workspace container. 


The Samsung Knox team has identified a fix for the validation logic, to be released in upcoming Android P and Q firmware updates.


For Android 10 (Q OS) Workspace-only devices:

Please keep the device connected to a power source and network for at least 24 hours, allowing the device to revalidate the license key to the Knox license server.

NOTEIf the device has already been rebooted, a device factory reset is required to restore the device.


For Android 9 (P OS) and earlier Workspace-only devices:

Please keep the device connected to a power source and network for at least 24 hours to ensure that the device has revalidated its associated Knox license. You can also follow the steps outlined below to validate the license:
  1. On the device, reboot until the device password screen appears.
  2. Enter the device password, after which the "Workspace License Expired" error appears.
  3. Wait approximately 10 minutes to establish a connection to the Knox licensing server. 
  4. If the device is not unlocked, repeat Steps 1-3. 

If you require further support after completing these workaround steps, please submit a ticket through your Knox dashboard that lists the IMEIs of your impacted devices.

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