Calendar events duplicated in Samsung Calendar


  • Samsung Mail
  • Samsung Calendar
  • Microsoft Exchange 
  • Microsoft Office 365


Some users are seeing a duplication of existing events in their calendar after upgrading to Samsung Email version The following behaviors are also observed:

  • Events created after upgrading Email are not duplicated.  
  • Removing a duplicated event does not remove the original event.
  • Duplicated events only appear on the Samsung Calendar and not in Exchange/Office 365 desktop or web clients.


This issue has been addressed in a released fix for Samsung Email. To apply the fix, update the Email application to version 6.1.10.xx or higher.


Removing the user's email account, then adding it back removes the duplicate events in the Calendar. To do this:

  1. Open the Samsung Email app.
  2. Select the Details menu (icon with three horizontal lines), then select Settings (icon with a cog).
  3. Select the affected email account, then select Remove.
  4. Select Add account to add the email account again.