How to disassociate a device from a Knox Platform for Enterprise license key


  • Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE)
  • Knox Manage
  • Knox Capture
  • Knox Suite for KPE activations only

How to access the Device Deactivation Tool?

If a device has been factory reset, you may notice a discrepancy between your license activation count and the number of enrolled devices in your UEM console. In this case, ensure that the devices are properly disassociated from your KPE license key:

  1. Log in to the Knox Admin Portal.
  2. From the dashboard, under the Licenses Tab, click Device management > Deactivation Tool.

    A Knox Admin Portal Dashboard that showcases the Device Deactivation tool

  3. For first time users, you will be prompted to enter a paid Knox license key to upgrade your Knox account. Then click Upgrade.

    A popup message that shows where to input the paid license key

    NOTE — To access the device deactivation tool, a paid Knox license key is required. Enter a paid Knox license key. Free and trial license keys are not eligible for account upgrades.
  4. My Tools opens. Enter a supported Knox license key under License key.

How to use the Device Deactivation Tool?

  1. If you have a list of device IMEIs that you would like to remove, select Remove. If you have a list of device IMEIs that you would like to keep, select Keep.

    NOTE — Make sure that to select the correct option. If you select Keep, then all device IMEIs not included in the provided list are disassociated, and your device users are locked out of their Work Profiles.
  2. Download the CSV template and enter all your device IMEIs that are currently in use.
  3. Upload the CSV file with your device IMEIs to the Device Deactivation tool.
  4. Click Submit and any devices not in the CSV file will have their corresponding license seats released.

The Device deactivation tool allows users to download the CSV file template or enter IMEI/serial numbers to remove.

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