How do I disable the SE for Android notifications?

Samsung devices supporting the Knox framework

SE (Security Enhancement) for Android is a protection mechanism built into Android that helps prevent malicious apps from running on a device.  You may see the following notification when SE for Android is triggered: "An attempt to access a secure area on your phone without authorization has been blocked…" 

Some options to disable SE for Android notifications are:
  • If you are using personal KNOX Workspace, change the SE for Android security level from High to Normal by going to Settings > General > Security > Change security level. If you are using enterprise KNOX Workspace, you cannot change this setting.
  • If a popup message provides the option to disable SE for Android notifications for 30 days, select the option.
  • If the notification identifies an app that is the source of the unauthorized access, use the Android App Manager to end or uninstall the app.
  • If the notification does not identify an app, you can try to find and remove the app yourself, for example, through process of elimination. Beware however that the source of an unauthorized access might be a legitimate but unrecognized process that is not defined in security policy file on your device.

NOTE — An unauthorized access notification might be from a valid attempt to access resources that have not yet been registered in the SE for Android policy update. Make sure you have the latest policy updates on your device Settings > General > Security >Security update service > Auto update security.

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